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R e f e r r a l s
Carol & Alan Bensman

Victor Morando Aceves  has been the property manager for our home in Ajijic Mexico since 2006. He has done an excellent job of managing our property during the summer months that we rent it.

His English is more than adequate, he relates very well with our tenants, his bookkeeping, and handling of finances, has been accurate and prompt.

Without equivocation we would recommend him to other property owners.

Alan and Carol Bensman:

Deana Brynildsen

Victor has been managing my property in Riberas since summer 2007.

He came into the role when there were some major problems with house, and he did a stellar job of overseeing the lengthy repairs and dealing with the unhappy renters who were living there.  When the work was completed, Victor found excellent long-term tenants for the property.

I appreciate the peace of mind I get from having him as my property manager. He is reliable, well connected in the community, and is an excellent communicator.

He is a very nice guy doing a great job!

Deana Brynildsen,

Ian Lind & Carol Bradley

Victor Morando Aceves has been our property manager since we bought our house on the south side of Lake Chapala in 2008.

He was recommended to us by our realtor and that recommendation was well made.  Victor has always represented our interests very professionally and very proactively.

He has been prompt to address concerns from ourselves and/or our renters and has done so in a very timely manner in each instance.

We would recommend Victor as a property manager to anyone who is looking for a professional manager in the area.

 Ian Lind & Carol Bradley,

Holly & Dr. Peter Sansone

This is a referral letter for Victor Morando.

 My wife & I have leased fine quality homes from Victor here at lakeside for 4 months each summer, for a number of years.  We would consider him one of the most capable individuals in the rental and leasing home business.

 We have dealt with Victor on a personal basis on numerous occasions. In an emergency Victor is dependable. We can personally verify to this.  He has an excellent and friendly personality.

To be succinct, we can attest that Victor is personally quite efficient, prompt, knowledgeable  and highly capable. He is high proficient in both Spanish and English, and   he is capable of dealing with people on all levels and works in a timely fashion.

 Victor is absolutely honest and trustworthy.

We have no reservation or hesitation in giving Victor our unqualified highest recommendation in any endeavor he may so choose.

 You may reach us by email at:

Holly & Dr. Peter Sansone

Ellie Egan

I own a house in Villa Nova, Ajijic and had Victor as my rental agent for about 3 years.

He has been extremely reliable and trustworthy.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

I recommend Victor highly.

Ellie Egan:

Diane Schmidt
I have been a property owner in Ajijic for 6 years.  In his former position, Victor Morando Aceves was primarily responsible for the management and rental of my property for five years.
During those years, I felt Victor served me very well.  I especially appreciated the following services:   keeping me informed on the necessary upkeep and maintenance by taking pictures of problem areas; sending me bids and references (when requested) and waiting on my approval;  and making suggestions of other improvements to add value to the renter. Victor also followed up with photos when work was completed.
Victor's personality is one that speaks of service, sincerity, honesty and attention to detail.  When I needed clarification, he would search out the necessary answers until I was satisfied and clearly understood what needed to be done and why.
I would recommend Victor's services to any owner or renter.
I hope you seriously consider using his services.
Diane Schmidt,
#3C Aldama
Ajijic, Jalisco, now in Chicago
Beverly Edwards and John Jervis

We have had the good fortune of entrusting Victor Morando to the long-term rental management of our home in Ajijic for over three years.

His knowledge of the business and his sincerity and professional attitude impressed us.

He competently saw to all maintenance and tenant issues with calmness and promptness, and sought our approval before acting.

He personally undertook the sourcing out and buying of furnishings at our request, often going beyond the call of duty with cheerful positivity.

We highly recommend property management under Victor Morando. 

Beverly Edwards and John Jervis,

Kenneth Hunt

I have had the pleasure on two separate extended occasions, of conducticting business with Mr. Victor Morando. In both cases I found Mr. Morando to be promt, attentive, courteous and effective in dealing with my concerns.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to the attention of anyone seeking property management services as either an owner or rented

Kenneth Hunt,

Puerto Corona, Jalisco

Kristy Duncan

“For three years, Victor serviced our house while we were away for 11 months each year.  He always provided prompt and efficient service, and no request was too small.

We usually had responses to emails within an hour or two, and the question or request was usually resolved within a day.

He worked hard to anticipate our needs, so that often our requests were fulfilled before we even asked! 

We cannot recommend Victor highly enough.”

Kristy Duncan,
President of Duncan Consulting

Peggy Lawford

Hi Victor,

Congratulations and best wishes to you in your new venture!

I hope you know how much we enjoyed working with you and how pleased we were with the great and thoughtful care you took in managing our property for us during our long absences.

I know your new business will be very successful for you and that you will have many happy customers.

God bless you and your family

Peggy Lawford,

Nancy Segall

I have worked for many years with Victor, as my property management agent.

He always responded quickly to my needs and even notified me of things that needed to be done, as I was not in the country when it was rented.

I would recommend him.

Nancy Segall,


Ben & Lindy White

Victor was the property manager of the first house we rented in the village.

Victor was always extremely responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with.

We wish him much success with his new venture and have no hesitation in recommending his services.  

Ben & Lindy White,